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Become visible in a social media and advertising jungle.
Make the impossible possible!
Let your company & product stand out!
Be individual!
Be unique!
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“Illustration is a fundamental form of visual communication.”
Hiroki Nishiyama

Communicate with hand-drawn illustrations … make your audience smile and draw them closer to you. Individual images make you stand out, unique and they are crafted to match your content! Just as voice or writing is individual and original, your advertising should be! It adds more value & personality to your branding.

Get a unique & crafted catalog • holiday season- & wedding card • logo • postcard • book cover & inside illustrations • branding • newspaper & magazine illustrations • wrapping paper • folder • packaging & label (food, beverage, wine, soap & more) • stationary • T-Shirts & streetwear • household good designs • wallpaper • art prints • interior design
Let an illustration communicate your message. Captivate your audience. Make your message more memorable.

Brand Identity

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”
Paul Rand.

Brand Identity is the message the consumer receives from the product or company. Brand Identity will connect product recognition. Let your brand be refined, defined, and wrapped up in a collection of eye-catching visuals or name! Make it unique!

“Never call a Chiquita just banana” (“Nenn’ nie eine Chiquita nur Banane”), 1965
“Wake up to Nutella”, 2009
“Have a Break, have a Kit Kat”, 1958

Brand names not only stand for one product but for the whole market. Caterpillar, Brillo, Pampers, Play-Doh, Apple, Kleenex, Polaroid, Tupper, Tesa, Tempo, Uhu, Labello, Nivea, Edding, Tipp-Ex, etc. They are called ’Deonyme’… but it’s more, yet a personification of a product. Everyone knows it, everyone has it. We grow up with them. And sometimes we even forget how they are called by real name. How do you call your plastic container which contains food and keeps it airtight in the fridge?

Web Design

“Designers deal in ideas. They give shape to ideas that shape our world, enrich everyday experiences, and improve our lives. Where there’s confusion, designers fashion clarity; where there’s chaos, designers construct order; where there’s entropy, designers promote vitality; where there’s indifference, designers swell passion; where there’s mediocrity, designers imbue excellence; and where there’s silence, designers lend voice.”
Ken Peters

The www has grown into an immeasurably useful creative tool. Get an outstanding homepage, business site or instagram account. Open up a market full of inspiration and creativity, push your sales!

Scenic photos, illustrations, outstanding typography make your portfolio, e-shop or company profile unique.
Sophisticated design, bold blacks & clean whites, the near-monochromatic design and photos… or vibrant, colorful, quirky, playful aesthetic…
We cover multiple facets of design, illustration and typography.
Inspire your audience!


A night out on the town, a memorable birthday party, a business conference, a corporate team building event, a festival, a red carpet event, concert, school function, gala fundraiser, or any other type of event. We know exactly what it takes to make any event the talk of the city.

A pool of free-lancers specialized in conceptualizing, organizing and marketing a variety of corporate, social and private events. Everything is at your fingertips and completely customized for your individual needs...
Location, concept, catering, invitation and mailing.

You have our promise that we can save you time, effort and most importantly money! We look forward to creating a first class event with you because you deserve nothing less.


“Clean Beaches” environmental campaign in Athens, Greece
Beach goers learn from a happy attractive non-prohibitive but educational sign how long people's left behind garbage takes to corrode.
The Concept, Design and Production is a donation of diafimin to several municipalities of Athens, Greece.
Thank you to the mayors and vice-mayors of the southern Athens' municipalities, Saturn Media Markt for the production sponsoring, Gerd Höhler, journalist, for the great media support and everyone who assisted.

Concept & Design/Art Work: Silvia Kraemer/diafimin
Production Sponsor: Saturn Media Markt
Media Sponsor: Gerd Höhler for Handelsblatt, WAZ, Griechenland Zeitung
15 signs, aluminum/plexi-glass with anti-graffiti surface, galvanized metal base, Dimension: 2,50 m x 1,60 m,


A&G Consultants (IT business, GR) • Abbott Laboratories (pharmaceutical industry, GR/Middle East) • Abrazo (jewelry, GR) • ADC (Diplomatic Club, GR) • Agrafa (honey, GR) • Andromeda Hotel Athens/Myconos (hotel, GR) • ARDH (Touristic Services, GR) • Beeep/Germanos (trade telecommunications, GR) • BHB (architecture/civil engineering, D) • Biermann (luxury watches, D) • Βlue Gymn (fitness-studio, GR) • BMSG (public fashion college Zuerich, CH) • Bretz (furniture, D/GR) • Bullet S.A (advertising-agency, GR) • BSH Creative (advertising-agency, GR) • Calodouca (travel-agency, GR) • Carl Mfg HK ltd. (paper-trimmer, Japan/GB/Hong Kong) • CCM Middle East/Hellas (advertising-agency, GR/Middle East) • CCS Werbeagentur & Farbkreis Repro (advertising-agencies, D) • Coca Cola (beverages, GR) • Cyanamid (pharmac. industry, GR/Middle East) • DBZ (publisher, D) • Delihouse (delicacies, GR) • Municipality Athens Voula & Glyfada (beach campaign, GR) • Dr. Starke & Partner (packages, D) • Dursty (beverages / supermarket chain, D) • Easy Software / SAP / MyEasy (Software, D) • Eduard van Giel (artist, GR/B) • Educational Tours & Cruises (travel-agency, GR) • Einz’a (paints, GR) • Encode (information risk management, GR) • ENNI (community, provider electricity/water, D) • Europaica (art & culture festival Athens, GR) • Exact Software (software, NL) • Fokianos (Athletic Services, GR) • Geniki (sanitary ware, GR) • German Embassy (government, D) • Getit/Dr. Janoth & Partner (IT, D) • Gizelis (metal-cutting-machine manufacturer/importer, GR) • Interni / Moda Bagno (furniture, GR) • Isopipe (indust. pipes, GR) • J. Walter Thompson/JWT (advertising-agency, GR) • Lascom (IT / VoIP, New Zealand) • Lisa Funktion & Design / Bloemers (exhibition stands, D) • Leitmotiv/Triografica (advertising agency, NL) • Levi's (clothing company, GR) • Lentzos (Lightbulbs, GR) • Lowara/itt Industries (pumps, D) • McCain Potato-products (foodindustry, GR) • McCann-Erickson (advertising-agency, GR) • MAM/Mad About Music (music-industry, D) • Marathon 2500 Association • Mariniko Press, Q-Print (printer, GR) • Marketing Resultants (advertising agency, NL) • Media Markt / Saturn (electronics/consumer goods, GR) • Mercedes Benz, Chrysler Jeep, Setra, TruckStore (Mercedes/DaimlerChrysler vehicles, D) • Moerser Schwimmbäder (public swimming pools, community, D) • Monopoly Information Systems (IT business, GR) • Naagam, Dr. Chae’s Enterprise Services (exhibitions, South Korea) • Nea Dimokratia (political party, GR) • OMP & Creation (CD manufactories, GR/NL) • P. Wennekendonk / BBDO (advertising agency, NL) • Parallon (software, GR, Dubai, CY) • Planet Golf (golf-equipment, D) • Playmobil (toys, GR) • PTT Netherlands (national post, NL) • Rhodos Blue Horizon Palm-Beach Hotel (hotel, GR) • Royal Canin (cat & dog food, GR) • Sarafidis / Cook Shop (Delsey, WMF, etc. importer, GR) • Schreyögg & Elektra (coffee & coffee-machines, I/D) • SCT/Select Computer Technology (IT business, Australia/GR) • Setra EvoBus (Mercedes, DaimlerChrysler, GR/D) • Sklavenitis (architects, GR) • Skymap (3D Maps for Mykonos, Milos, Sifnos, Skiathos, Ios, Helsingor, Copenhagen, GR) • Sorge (driving-school, D) • Soulis (air-conditioner, heating & Passarini - aluminum profiles, GR) • Spot-Music / SONY (music-industry, GR) • Stichting Kwaliteitsdienst KDI (technology, NL) • Systemlan (IT business, GR) • Texter/Christodoulidi (shoe manufactory, GR) • Thyssen-Krupp/Uhde (engineering, D) • Touristicus (travel-agency, D) • Variety Cruises (cruises, GR) • Veltins beer(beverages, D) • Virgin Beauty (cosmetic-studio, GB) • Viru Beer (beverage, GR/EST) • Warner Lambert (pharma. industry, GR) • Welter (cosmetic-institute/wholeseller, D) • Yorgos Nikas (researcher IVF, GR)